Thursday, 9 April 2015

Full, Thick, Fresh Ombré

Hello Girlies!

Today's post is more about hair! 
Recently, I have been dreaming of getting my hair ombréd but a blonde version instead! I love doing quirky little things to my hair and this being one of them! 

I decided to get it done at Toni&Guy, because I love their adverts and they are really specialised in colour so I put all my confidence in them! 

I asked for a dark blonde/Caramel on top and bleach blonde at the bottom, just to banish any pesky yellow tones and clean it up! I wanted it to be subtle not too over the top and not to dark either. 

I'm honestly so so happy with the result and wish I did it earlier! I love my new hair and I hope you guys like it too! 

OGX Biotin & Collagen Hair Mist £6.99 Available from Boots 

Obviously hair dye isnt great for your hair so after I get it coloured I really treat it with masks and oils just to help it look less dried out and whispy. Recently I've been non-stop using this fantastic product and I've seen a huge difference in volume, health, vibrancy it honestly ticks all the boxes for me! 
It's an organic oil made from biotin & Collagen, which both promote strong, full, thick, healthy hair! 
It's a dry oil so you can spritz it on to damp or dry hair when ever you feel like you need a little boost! 

What would be your dream hair style? 

- F - S - 
- x -

Friday, 27 March 2015

Tea&Crumpets, anyone?

Hello lovelies & welcome back! 

As spring is now finally upon us, I've been going around decorating the rooms with daffodils & fluffy chicks for Easter! I love decorating and matching the rooms to the seasons/events such as Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, birthdays..etc! 

I was doing my usual wondering around boots and of course came across the Essie stand. For some reason, I get pulled into that stand like it's got it's own gravitational force-field and I can't help it! I think it's because it's so clean and bright, and all the colours of nail polishes look amazing in front of its pristine white background. 

After about 5-10 minutes of standing there slightly mesmerised I suddenly thought I should of really by now picked up a colour and moved on, but I hadn't.. Luckily, I'm allowed to wear nail polish where I work so I had no limits, but I kept going back to this gorgeous shimmery nude colour called Tea&Crumpets. 

I thought it was perfect for spring and I'll be honest I loved the name of the colour! Essie, has always been one of my favourite brands of nail products, their colours are stunning, last ages without chipping & dry really quickly too! They've never let me down & I will forever mesmerised by their huger array of stunning colours! 

What's your favourite brand of nail varnish? 

Speak soon, 
- F - S - 
- x -

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Put down them eyelash curlers!

Hello everyone! 

Today is the day where you can finally say 
"eyelash curlers... I don't need you" 

The RRP is £19.50
BUT (don't panic) at the moment its 10% off at FeelUnique making it £17.55 so grab it while its on offer!

Recently, everyone has been talking about Benefit and their new mascara Launch of Roller Lash. 
There has been a huge amount of hype about it, it's been the mascara everybody has been talking about and eventually - I gave in. I strolled proudly over to the Benefit stand and popped it into my basket un-aware of what God send I had just picked up. 

The next morning I thought "right, let's give you a run for your money" and left the eyelash curlers in my pot.. With my heart sinking slightly thinking "is this a good idea?" & I'll be honest I haven't gone back! The formula is gorgeous and leaves your lashes with a beautiful black coat, the brush grips onto every single tiny eyelash you have and rolls them up giving the most gorgeous natural curl making your eyes pop!
No tugging or pulling on your eyelashes with a curler anymore!! *wooohoo!*
The formula doesn't flake, is very buildable and lasts right up until you take it off! 

All they need to release now is a waterproof version! ;) 

- F - S - 
- x -

Monday, 16 March 2015

Skin Saviours

Welcome Back! 

The transition from winter to spring always has an effect on my skin, it's always this time of year where it's slightly more oily, my pores tend to be larger and I break out much quicker and easier on my face and back due to the slightly more humid weather. (surely I can't be the only one!) 

When it comes to skin care I've tried every product under the sun to try and sort my skin out but still nothing comes close to my faithful Bioderma! 

Recently, I've been using the Sebium range and it's really worked wonders on my skin texture, excess oil/pores and my breakouts which seemed to be getting slightly out of control. 

Firstly, I've been using the H2O Purifying Cleansing Solution after cleansing (morning and night) on a cotton pad. This is gorgeous and makes your skin feel so fresh and clean which is always a positive! 
After that, I then use the Pore Refining Lotion. This makes your skin feel so soft and you can visibly see the clearance of enlarged pores upon application.
I love using this product as a primer before foundation as its such a gorgeous base and really does perfect your skin look and texture, also controlling any excess oil which this time of the year is always essential for me. 

Have you used Bioderma before? 

- F - S - 
- x - 

Any requests? Leave a comment! 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

White & Grey

Hello everyone & welcome back to my blog! 

Today post is a little different, its slightly more fashion based.
Recently, I've been loving the colour schemes light grey and white, I really think they work for spring/summer and I've noticed that when I've been out and about shopping the majority of things I reach for are light grey and white. 
I think these colours work beautifully and look really classy together which really works now we're heading into brighter, sunnier days. 

First up was River Island, This is one of my favourite high street brands. The quality of there clothes and products are fantastic and their clothes never ever disappoint me as they're always so flattering and the cuts they use are beautiful.  
Ive recently been longing for a pair of white shoes, searching high and low, and when I walked into River Island I saw these and had to get my hands on them! They're so gorgeous and really do go with everything which is perfect and i love the point at the toe giving them class and elegance -  Ive got a feeling they'll be my summer essential this year. 
Along with the Satchel, This colour is seriously stunning. Its a gorgeous light grey and just goes with everything with a lovely silver lining, making it easy for you to actually see everything inside it. It also comes with an adjustable strap and have hooks on the back to transform it into a rucksack which is always useful. Its a perfect size and also is made out of really sturdy material so it doesn't loose its shape at all when all us girls fill our bags with too much stuff! 

After that I ventured into Zara, now along with other things (which where a pair of white jeans and a grey jumper) I got drawn to their jewellery stand .. something of which I never do! Thats when I saw this beautiful chain and pearl necklace, I've been searching for a silver statement necklace for a very long time now and all the ones I've seen has always been gold, which doesn't suit me as much so when I saw this I literally Squealed with excitement and Its a gorgeous finishing touch to an outfit. 
Then, I decided to make my way over to the perfume stand 
-again, another stand I've never really gone over to before and picked up the Femme Perfume, Its In a really beautiful white square bottle with rose gold writing and a rose gold lid. Its one of my current favourites its so womanly and quite sexy with notes of sandalwood, vanilla, caramel and musk. 

What are your current favourites? 
Hope you enjoyed the post! 

- F - S -
- x - 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

GlamEyes - Eyeliner Review

Hello everybody! 

Today I will be talking about my favourite eyeliner (in the whole wide world..!) 
It's affordable, jet black, lasts through the wind and rain up until you take it off with no pesky, time consuming touch-ups throughout the day.

Its of course the amazing Rimmel London GlamEyes Eyeliner. Standing on the shelves at the price of just £5.29 you can't say no! You can pick this product up from your local pharmacy for example Boots or Superdrug. 
What I really love about this product and makes me go back to it everytime is the size of the applicator, my favourite look is a CatEye flick, and this thin brush makes it simply effortless and quick! 
You may be a little worried about the size of the actual product as it seems quite small and you may think it'll last a week and it'll be gone but - because the brush is so small it picks up very little product, making this eye liner last months at a time.
As this is a highstreet product and at the price of £5.29 you can't expext flawless product quality. I love my eyeliner jet black and striking so I tend to do two layers of product and if you like a more natural look one layer will be perfect.

Overall, for a cheap grab and go eye liner it's faultless. I use this everyday, I've been using this liner for about a year now and I'm currently on my 3rd bottle which is fantastic for £5.29. I've recommended this product to a few of my friends and they love it as much as I do! 

What's your favourite eyeliner? 

- F - S - 
- x - 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Stepping Into Spring

Hello Everybody & Welcome Back! 

Todays post is all about stepping back into spring and what products I'm really loving and helping me combat the spring transition! 

Spring is without doubt my favourite time of year, everything is blossoming and coming back to life after the cold winter months. 
Here are a few of my favourite products which help me along the way! 

1. Makeup Removal

Bioderma has been my number #1 for years! 
Its a water cleanser, which has hundreds of befits such as gentle exfoliation, moisture and makeup removal, its perfect for thirsty skin! 
The Bioderma H2O has been formulated from sensitive skin, this assures everybody that you can use it on the extra sensitive areas on your face such as your eyes and won't cause any aggravation, leaving your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and cleansed.

2. Moisturising

Recently I have been loving the Ponds range!
They come in various different formulations for different skin types, I use the Hydro-Nourishing Cream. This moisturiser makes my skin feel amazing. I use it every morning and every night and have been for about a month and I've definitely noticed a massive change in my skin texture and look (so have my friends!) Its available from Boots for only £4.99 and I'm so impressed with the results! 

3. Foundation

This Estee Lauder Foundation is my holy grail Go-To foundation, Its one I always turn to and makes my skin look even, smooth and lasts all day (honestly - It won't budge!) 
This foundation gives you medium coverage and is very buildable if you feel like you need a little more, but personally I don't need to even use concealer with this foundation and a little goes a very long way! 
What I love about this foundation is that it also contains SPF which for these spring/summer months is a very important! 

4. Mascara

This mascara has recently been on the top of everybody mascara charts recently, Its formula is lovely and think which really grips onto your eyelashes and gives them lift, volume and curl which doesn't flake or come off throughout the day.
The wand is a hour glass shape which I love, this is definitely my favourite type of mascara wand because I feel as though it really captures every single on of my lashes and gives them a lot of lift. 

Not only do certain types of products make me feel ready for spring. Recently I've been loving long walks, I always feel relaxed coming back from a walk in the sun with the cold wind 'blowing the cobwebs away'.
I've also been drinking lots of water, as keeping hydrated through these months is very important for your skin and detoxing.

Thank you for reading!

- F - S -
- x -